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If your organization is in search of a vehicle to assist you in finding the next hot young coaching prospect or some veteran talent to take your program to the next level, then CSIN is the answer.

Why not let CSIN assist your organization in the search process with a much more efficient and effective way to identify candidates and expedite the process. CSIN provides you with the ability to search across a rich base of candidates’ bios, resumes, statistics, philosophies and credentials, all in one place, allowing you to quickly and easily select the individuals that best fit your needs?

CSIN has already begun the process of developing Phase 2 of the CSIN applications. Of note to athletic administrators is that a significant focus of Phase 2, along with further refinements to the Coaches’ Portal, will be an Athletic Administrator Portal which shall be designed to capture the biographical profiles of aspiring administrators seeking upward mobility within the profession and/or seeking to gain entrance to the profession. The system will mirror, in many ways, the Coaches’ Portal but will be specifically tailored to capture the pertinent data associated with and appropriate for consideration by University Presidents seeking to hire an Athletics Director (AD), ADs seeking to hire associate and/or assistant ADs, search firms and/or other institutional bodies (or third parties) associated with the hiring process for identifying and procuring candidates for such administrative positions.

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