CSIN To Assist CSCCa In Enhancing Members Development

Charles Farmer, Copious Farmer & Associates, LLC

In a continuing effort to provide the best in quality services and options to its members, the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) has entered into a partnership with the Copious Sports Information Network (CSIN) to provide assistance in the area of Professional Development.

The partnership was agreed upon or announced at the recent CSCCa 2009 National Conference held in Nashville, Tennessee.

Since its inception in May 2000, the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) was established to meet the unique needs of the full-time strength and conditioning coaches around the country and to promote "Unity, Education, and Respect" for this important group of professionals.

Dr. Chuck Stiggins is the organization's founder and Executive Director. Stiggins was the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Brigham Young University Athletic Department for 25 years. Under his direction, the organization has grown from 22 coaches who attended the organization's foundation meeting nine years ago to a membership of well over 1,000 strength and conditioning coaches.

Dr. Stiggins and the other members of the organization's Board of Directors are excited about a recent partnership with Copious Sports Information Network, which offers CSCCa members an opportunity to develop their resumes and market themselves to colleges and universities around the country.

Through the alliance, CSCCa plans to enhance their members' professional development by providing education through CSIN applications that will create opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills in the industry, and improve their chances for career advancement.

The Copious Sports Information Network provides a real time comprehensive package that will assist CSCCa members in creating high quality portfolios that can be used as an asset in improving one's professional development through the use of CSIN's state of the art technology.

"Together we want to elevate the visibility of the members of CSCCa. The CSCCa members need to identify and showcase their talent. Combined we can bring greater value to them as well as to the broader sports community," remarked CSIN Chief Operating Officer, Ron Jones. "CSIN has the ability and the system to assist with this endeavor as well as provide additional services to the CSCCa members."

"One of our organization's original goals was to help improve the status and job security of our member coaches," Dr. Stiggins stated. "We are extremely excited about this partnership and the guidance and assistance it provides our members. This program provides a powerful, innovative resource to assist them in fulfilling their professional goals and development."

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