Copious Technologies Introduces Product That Can Assist NCAA in Diversifying Coaching and Administrative Staffs

Charles Farmer, Copious Farmer & Associates, LLC

Cleveland, Ohio--The NCAA has a responsibility to review its members' employment process for hiring coaches and athletic administrators, to ensure that all qualified candidates have equal opportunities to apply for positions when they become available and to truly execute comprehensive searches.

Recent studies show alarming disparities in college athletics, where there is a lack of true diversity in coaching and administrative positions.

"What we don't have is a variety of diverse talented, superb coaches brought into the informal networks of athletic directors and others who are making the final recommendations. We need to find a way to open up that closed circle," NCAA President Myles Brand, told the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection.

In the interest of creating a level playing field for all athletic coaches and administrators seeking employment opportunities, Copious Technologies, LLC has created a new product specifically meant to address this hiring issue and to educate potential candidates of the scope of the search requirements.

The Copious Sports Information Network (CSIN) is an innovative approach to developing and maintaining a comprehensive real-time database for intercollegiate coaches and athletic directors to store and enhance their resume/portfolio packages. It is the most effective and efficient mechanism for connecting job candidates, prospective employers, search consultants, and job listings together in one utility.

CSIN is a systematic approach to delivering high quality resume and portfolio packages that allows coaches, administrators and search firms to share or acquire information instantaneously with the ability to set specific search criteria.

The task of compiling a career portfolio can be difficult for coaches who often find themselves juggling the demands of their profession which include: practice, games, recruiting, public appearances, and developing strategy for games among other duties.

This web based solution will simplify the process and significantly increase information distribution efficiencies for these individuals; the product has the ability to create multiple versions and records that are readily available when needed for updates or changes quite easily.

"We have to change the status quo and provide more opportunities for all qualified candidates (including women and minorities) in a fair and open hiring process," said Jennifer Alley, Executive Director, National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators in the NCAA's Best Hiring Practices manual.

For administrators the CSIN product provides an efficient and effective way to identify quality candidates from a broad talent pool which may be outside the traditional boundaries of current search processes.

CSIN provides employers with the ability to dynamically search across a rich base of candidate bios, resumes, statistics, philosophies and credentials, all in one place, simplifying the process which they use to create a short list of individuals that best fit their needs.

"All parties involved in the process must know what resources to use to find viable candidates who can diversify the candidate pool. Furthermore they must take the time to develop and maintain candidate lists for future vacancies. This preparation pays dividends in the future," explained Floyd Keith, Executive Director, Black Coaches Association in the Best Hiring Practices manual.

The CSIN product is focused on three important goals: 1) Delivering a unique web based opportunity for coaches to create a real time comprehensive and professional online resume and career portfolio for hiring institutions to review. 2) Educating coaches and athletic administrators on the scope of what the resume and portfolio package should contain. 3) Providing Athletic Directors, Head Coaches and search professionals with a platform to conduct faster, broader and more inclusive employment searches.

"Currently, when institutions state that a comprehensive and diverse search was conducted, there is no way to verify what criteria were used. A solution like CSIN, sponsored by an institution can provide that data through an objective and measurable vehicle. Geographic boundaries and the communication of openings and searches are limitless through the CSIN application," remarked Ron Jones, CEO, the Copious Group, LLC.

CSIN is a division of Copious Technologies, LLC (CT), and a technology firm whose strength lies in its ability to deliver custom solutions that perform for its business clientele. "With the assistance of industry experts, we have developed a product and service that is unparalleled in the industry. It will significantly increase potential visibility, opportunities and objective evaluation of the coaching and administration experience. This solution is currently being affordable for a limited time for $150.00 for coaches. We challenge you try our solution!"

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